Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 2010

Its been 2 days since results for 3rd year are out...I was of the opinion that I will flunk
cos my papers werent all that great and I had a lot of requirement in 2-3 subjects mainly
microbiology,pharmacology and para-prax!...From what I've heard it is the Bombay Vet Colg
students that always have requirements in finals as the prof dont give enuf marks in the
internals!...When i start teaching...I wont be stingy bout the marks...I am not saying this
cos I am not the studious type...My Books open when the exam dates are declared!...But I've
come to the realization that little is gained by studies...Other than stoopid GP...the 1st
rankers are gonna kill me for this..but they are probably studying so they wont have the
time to read my blog :P

So now that Im in 4th year.I can start planning a bit..Only 1 and a half year left - the
studies part and then 6mths internship wud be like a paid vacation!...I wanna work under
some good surgeon now!..There is a doctor..I idolize him but whether or not he takes
students in his clinic is a question mark..I hope its my lucky day when i ask him :)
I have been promised a car from the past 3 years ...which im yet to see..I feel kinda the sense ...I know I havent been the BEST MOST RESPONSIBLE daughter ever...
But if I ever die...then this is one thing that I will haunt everyone in the house with...
Cos not a day goes by ...wherein I am sitting in the bus..on my way to college...and i see
Gurls esp driving cars to work or college that I imagine myself sitting in the driver's seat
on my way to college...

Dad thinks I am still irresponsible..I dont think thats true..I have lost some of my rebelliousness
which i think is a bad thing cos that got me i have become a little cold...lost
my touch...I dont know what it is with people of my dad's generation...Just keep on saving the
money for your children...and then your children save it for their children..I mean...when
do we get to blow it up on ourselves?!!...When i start earning...Il keep some savings but Il
make sure to get what u want in the life that I have!...WHATEVER i want!...I have been telling
them that I will get a bike soon if I dont get a car..I love 2 wheelers parents
are paranoid about bikes...I hope this threat inspires them to buy me a 2nd hand car atleast..

I see people who are less rich than me having a car!...Now I am so caught up with the idea that I
have forgotten why i wanted it in the 1st place...Mom asked whether it is need or prestige...
Now i think its need...I am fuck tired of travelling to goregoan everyday...Mom dad thinks
i should take a house on i did in the past...i hope to god that day doesnt come...
I get self destructive when I stay alone...Too much free time for everything!...I dont go
overboard but I like my house..I love sitting in my balcony...playing with my cats...having my
mom's coffee...going for scooter rides with Shruti in the evening...Meeting Nitesh at
Tilaknagar station and going to Kstar or Rcity or wherever!...

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