Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 2010

Its been 2 days since results for 3rd year are out...I was of the opinion that I will flunk
cos my papers werent all that great and I had a lot of requirement in 2-3 subjects mainly
microbiology,pharmacology and para-prax!...From what I've heard it is the Bombay Vet Colg
students that always have requirements in finals as the prof dont give enuf marks in the
internals!...When i start teaching...I wont be stingy bout the marks...I am not saying this
cos I am not the studious type...My Books open when the exam dates are declared!...But I've
come to the realization that little is gained by studies...Other than stoopid GP...the 1st
rankers are gonna kill me for this..but they are probably studying so they wont have the
time to read my blog :P

So now that Im in 4th year.I can start planning a bit..Only 1 and a half year left - the
studies part and then 6mths internship wud be like a paid vacation!...I wanna work under
some good surgeon now!..There is a doctor..I idolize him but whether or not he takes
students in his clinic is a question mark..I hope its my lucky day when i ask him :)
I have been promised a car from the past 3 years ...which im yet to see..I feel kinda the sense ...I know I havent been the BEST MOST RESPONSIBLE daughter ever...
But if I ever die...then this is one thing that I will haunt everyone in the house with...
Cos not a day goes by ...wherein I am sitting in the bus..on my way to college...and i see
Gurls esp driving cars to work or college that I imagine myself sitting in the driver's seat
on my way to college...

Dad thinks I am still irresponsible..I dont think thats true..I have lost some of my rebelliousness
which i think is a bad thing cos that got me i have become a little cold...lost
my touch...I dont know what it is with people of my dad's generation...Just keep on saving the
money for your children...and then your children save it for their children..I mean...when
do we get to blow it up on ourselves?!!...When i start earning...Il keep some savings but Il
make sure to get what u want in the life that I have!...WHATEVER i want!...I have been telling
them that I will get a bike soon if I dont get a car..I love 2 wheelers parents
are paranoid about bikes...I hope this threat inspires them to buy me a 2nd hand car atleast..

I see people who are less rich than me having a car!...Now I am so caught up with the idea that I
have forgotten why i wanted it in the 1st place...Mom asked whether it is need or prestige...
Now i think its need...I am fuck tired of travelling to goregoan everyday...Mom dad thinks
i should take a house on i did in the past...i hope to god that day doesnt come...
I get self destructive when I stay alone...Too much free time for everything!...I dont go
overboard but I like my house..I love sitting in my balcony...playing with my cats...having my
mom's coffee...going for scooter rides with Shruti in the evening...Meeting Nitesh at
Tilaknagar station and going to Kstar or Rcity or wherever!...

Friday, June 11, 2010


Sapien is the newest addition to my family...:)...Although I have a real tough pharmacology paper on monday,I cannot resist writing about him ...Well ..Someone left 4 kittens in front of my building...this is the 2nd batch of 4 kittens in 2010 that I am getting to rescue!...Neway Getting all four of them was out of question...So after a round of fights with assholic watchman i kept them in the bldg compound...One by one all of them started disappearing...I found the dead body of one in the adjacent building...He was attacked by dogs...Survival in Mumbai is difficult..Even for cats..Thats why i encourage people to adopt..Its difficult esp for kittens to survive the first few months of their life...Neway the last one remaining...a really ugly,puny,all skin and bones with wobbly gait and a common grey color was the only kitten remaining...At three weeks of age...He needed someone constantly around him...Amazingly...He was toilet trained too...So i guess these were house cats who became a handful for the owners...Neway he was so weak with abdominal pain and very weak hind legs but that dint deter him from following us around all over the house...He was loving and the best part for me was that he sleeps on me...I mean I am such a person that I keep changing my sleeping position throughout the night...m glad he dint get crushed...He is so much better now...Has a voracious appetite....If he loves you...he will lick ur nose...If he is hungry...He will meow loudly or bite you gently...If he wants attention...he will mew silently...If wants to shit or pee he will go around in circles till u open the bathroom door...If he wants to carry him...he twirls around ur legs....

Most of the times he just pretends to be asleep.....His head will be jerked back and he looks like a drunk who's passed out( pic above ) but the moment u walk out of the room ...he will come sprinting behind you..he is a pest!.....

He loves chicken and turns into a monster when he sees chicken and he steals it from my other cat Shasta's plate...Thats y i had named him Shendi initially cos he really had us going that he is really not well and the like but to extract the chicken from his jaws was a herculian task...I got scratched and Manu got bit...He was fighting with us....:)....

I like having him me a lot of happiness...Although I dont want to ....I am looking to get him adopted...There are 2 things to this...One is that I know he will charm people wherever he goes with his discipline and unconditional love and the other thing is that only if he goes will my house be open for other kittens and pups which need foster care....Cos if he stays back...In the future my dad wont allow ne strays assuming that they will all end up here :(........Here's to Sapien...who spreads love happiness and joy wherever he goes :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I could dance the night away........Well...right now I have my exams going wich will get ova on 23rd..Cant wait for them to get over...I am planning to join arts in motion dance academy which is at Sion for either Salsa or Belly Dancing or both:P...Well..First I got to do some crunches to get those abs back..I am obsessed with flat tummies...If it werent for my metabolism i would probably be bullemic!..I hope i got the spelling correct..those people who are so obsessed with their weight that they puke out everything they eat to remain in shape!...
I had quite an exciting time before exams...I have realised that I am extremist..When I love someone i expect the person to love me back equally..If that doesnt happen I end up hating the person..Now i realise that thats stupid behaviour...I had become obsessed about being friends with a certain person..I feel silly about it now...I guess I should sit back and relax and enjoy the attention that I am already getting instead of running after things which are not really that important!...I will write a whole lot more after my exams!..

Thursday, October 22, 2009


For those of u who are reading my blogs..the no i assume being very small..i have been wanting to write since i made the bhandardara trip last sunday..Actually i dont get the time..I mean its not like I am super busy or something ..just that i am always occupying myself with something or the other...u know..the main cause of ne distruction or trouble in my life is coz of the things i have done in extreme boredom..Now let me begin with last sunday...around 10 or 12 of us went to this place called Bhandardara..been wanting to go since my parents went a month back n the pictures and video looked absolutely enticing...m a big time water baby and when i saw those kids jumping off the small cliff straight into the green waters of the lake i just couldnt wait to jump in myself..Now i Have always loved planning trips and i am yet to actually find a person in this universe who accepts with enthusiasm to come for the trip on the spur of the moment...well...if it werent for certain parental restrictions i would be like that...but neway so after much discussions and arguments we finally booked a mini bus and set off...beleive me..its one of the most beautiful and lovely places i've ever been to..the weather is pleasant as it is a hill station...the lake was clean..real clean..damn..i could even see my toes from above the water...the periphery had huge rocks for the non swimmers to laze on..after that its a 7 feet drop and gradually deepens and overall Arthur Lake is said to be 140 feet deep...I love swimming and spent like 4 hours swimming...m certainly not a i used to go to one point and come back..we took a hell lot of pictures..i quite enjoyed posing for them..well..i should certainly pursue something on those lines...the finer details of which i shall definately write about in the future blogs..
The bus ride was very eventful but its censored so i cant write about it:P..Its got nothing to do with me...i love sitting on the window seat and gazing into the wilderness..usually i think a lot...a hell lot..but when m doing this activity..most of the mind is really blank..bdw if u guys wanna go there its around 160 kms or so by road..its 45kms from Igatpuri and if u do go there ..please let the place remain beautiful..dont good:)...By the way i did jump into the water from a smaller ledge...that should be around 2 floors of a bldg i was scary!!...but it was very cool too!
Talking about hygiene and cleanliness...there is one thing that really gets on my nerves..that is the issue of littering and spitting..oh man..i mean i dont want to be prejudiced but i have noticed that usually it is the non-bombayites who come to Bombay who are so careless about the wrappers and covers that they so gaily throw around..Guys..cmon!...its sucha beautiful city...see..we cant expect the uneducated people to understand but atleast we can make some individual efforts...
Since we are on this topic..the govt has bigtime assholes in the ministry..Now the law being enforced on expecting people to pick up their pet's poop..i suggest we pick them up and deposit them in front of the house of the person who makes such hypocritical laws..there are 100's of people shitting all over the city,in the open..there are 3 things to this..1st its disgusting to watch someone shit..i mean...when ur on ur way to work or college..the sight is not very pleasing to the eye..not something u wanna start ur day with...2ndly it spreads diseases...but they are illiterate people..cant expect them to understand...3rd..god forbid i have to walk through one of those locations one day...eww..So if ur from the govt and ur reading this..please reform the laws..make it more strict for human owners will automatically cleaner usable public toilets..what the hell do u guys do with tax payer's money?
Well..leaving that topic aside...i have something very interesting to tell u guys..!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am back with my blog..the thing is nothing can hold my attention for too long.I don’t know main aisi kyon hoon?My favourite festival is starting tomoro..I absolutely love Ganpati and I really felt I am doing the decorations at Shruti’s place for him.A special place for him to stay for 1 n a ½ days.Well,he is the sweetest cutest friend I was a little upset with him yesterday.Il tell the whole story.
I have already started with my 3 rd year.Classes begin at 8 in the morning and go on till 3 in the afternoon and till 5pm on Tuesdays.So its pretty hectic and its pretty much impossible for me to get up at 6 and catch the 1st lecture so I stay in goregaon throughout the week and come home on Saturdays and Sundays and inevitably miss the Monday 8am lectureJ
Anyway Its pretty boring staying alone and I actually found a book on Origami at Shruti’s place today and I actually made a miniature purse and I found the art quite interesting.Lets how long that lasts.I got marble paper for practicing and already got into a fight with my brother for touching them with wet hands.I don’t know why I always get so hyper and angry when I am hungry.I mean its sooo animal like u know.Hunger does weird things to human beings but people live without eating for days and I become so ‘possessed’ even without 1 bloddy meal:X:X where was I?Anyway one of my juniors asked me if I could keep a kitten for a day at my place.She had fractured a leg and was very weak and had diarrhoea.Now the lazy bum that I am,I was a lil reluctant but I took her coz I have refused her 2 times in the past when she wanted me to keep a pup.I don’t know why I run away from responsibilites.I dint want to clean her poop and dint want her mewing the night way.Shit!Cant believe that I love animals na?!Actually its been quite a while since I have done all the basic things and my cats at home are toilet trained so u don’t have to do anything except giving them food.So I kept her and I was right.she ate voraciously and pooped even more which was stinking like crazy and I had to clean all that up and on top of that eat my own food.Thats like torture mann!
My mom believes that I bless the animals which come to me and I really feel like I do sometimes.I feel like their mother most of the times BUT I don’t think il be very pleased about cleaning my child’s bum also:P…I mean u wont believe but I have really thot about this time.Usually people have siblings or nieces or nephews on whom they can practice but I have never done anything of that so umm…no idea how I am get past that one..
So here I was having kitty troubles and I went down to get some FRESH air and clear my head and I came to know about this cat in the adjacent building who is paralysed waist down cos she was attacked by dogs.She was being provided all the food by someone but her condition was bad.I mean her spine was totally curved and it was pathetic to see her dragging herself towards food.I guess we take our life for granted.I cried a lot after coming home.Partly becos of the cat and partly becos my kitty was insistent on sleeping on my lap.And it was upsetting cos she was so ready to love reluctant I was to take her home.
The next day I went to college as usual..Got up at 7’55am for the 8am lecture.I got the kitty to college cos I wasn’t sure whether I should leave her alone at home.And then I went running to college with her cardboard box covered with plastic as it was raining heavily on Friday.Then attended all lecs and realized I had absolutely no money on me as I was supposed to wear shorts in which I kept the only 100 bucks I had and wore blue jeans at the end moment and forgot to remove the money from the short’s pocket.I hate carrying wallets and most of the times I just stuff the money in my jeans and my lip gloss offcourse and go out.Anyway so in the 12pm break I got the paralysed cat and everything had to be done in an hour’s time but the main surgeon wasn’t available so we just gave her an injection and kept her back.I transferred the money to my jeans.She had a hole in the stomach where the dogs had bitten her and we were afraid that she might get maggots if the wound is kept open but we dint want to put her to sleep.I cried again like an Idiot cos ‘mercy killing’ is a very sensitive issue for me and I don’t feel that I have the right to decide an individual’s life.The worst part in this case is that barring her disability,she was so active and there was so much life in her eyes.So we are going to show her to the main doc on Monday.Maybe there is some hope for her.
So I came home to keep the cover in which I took her so that I can use it again to get her on Monday and when I was coming back I realized I had no money on me.Great!I was a really bad day.I HATE to borrow from anyone be it my best friend and my dad doesn’t like it at all.So I dint have lunch.I just sat for the next lecture.Went home.Just had around 10 bucks and my atm card on me.I went and bought Maggi and had it.I was too lazy to walk to the atm.I was a little upset with my Ganpati cos i felt it wasn’t fair.!!
Anyway I have full faith in him and I know I will get my money back in some way or the other…Wow!...i have written a lot..and now I am tired.I have to put mehendi now cos I absolutely love mehendied hands..Hope u guys liked this oneJ…Good night!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ok…Its been a really looong time since I have written anything..I haven’t got the time and plus too bored and life had become too routine….Spandan ie my annual college fest happened and I had written about it but it dint get uploaded and I lost the document…
My 4th semester exams are starting from the 11th of may…hee hee hee..i haven’t even completed 30% of the portion..the 1st paper is parasitology which has 300 pages of portion of which I haven’t even done 30:P…Life is unfair…y do we have to go thru exams?...I mean cant we just do some practicals?! Nd get it over with…Neway whenevr I come to Chembur I am always doing some timepass or the other..most of the times its watching tv,,ie dance india dance on zee and roadies…Right now there is something happening in life…But its happening at the wrong time…I shall contemplate about it after my exams are over…nothing that serious..just…
Neway I am just hoping that our 3rd year is in parel itself..i think I am going to have a good time there….:P

Saturday, March 14, 2009